A pillory for the enemies of Treefinder

Here is a commented list of slanderers, liars and bad journalists etc., who try to let Treefinder appear in a bad light - I have found interesting links between them and the globalists ...

See the Wikipedia article about the pillory ...

Andreas Hejnol is a liar.

See what he wrote about Treefinder:


It is not true that Treefinder is not allowed to be used in Europe! Treefinder can actually be used in most European countries, including the country he lives in. Hejnol's suggestion to not use Treefinder anymore is not based on any objective reason, but because he does not like my political views, and he cites the defaming Science article - he is trying to make Treefinder users feel uncomfortable of having used my software. This is unscientific behaviour. I wonder if Hejnol's scientific work is to the same extent incorrect as his comment, someone should have a close look.

According to his CV, Andreas Hejnol must be a green one:


He was politically trained and indoctrinated by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which is affiliated with the German Green Party - they are pro-immigration and anti-German, want the "one-world", are globalists. The foundation is also an entry point into various networks, whose members help each other with their careers. The man after which the foundation is named, Heinrich Böll, was a CIA agent, and I am sure the foundation today is also influenced by the CIA:


Hejnol is the nomadic scientist among nomadic scientists - he represents the nomadic science system I hate, the nomadic life-style that is inacceptable for a non-nomad like me. The nomadic science system excludes most of us Europeans from participation as most of us are non-nomads.

The PLoS ONE journal supports the defamation of Treefinder, and they don't let me respond to Hejnol's lies on their website.

Behind the PLoS journals is an ally of George Soros.

The PLoS journals, which permit Andreas Hejnol spread his lies, are supported by the "philanthropic" Sandler Foundation:


But Sandler is also a main backer of the war in Syria through its Center for American Progress, and Sandler is an ally of the globalist George Soros:


Remember, George Soros is said to have been involved in creating much of today's political desasters, including the refugee crisis and the Ukraine crisis.




I believe that George Soros actually represents a whole group of evil rich people who want to remain invisible to the public.

I suggest to you not publish with PLoS anymore.

Kai Kupferschmidt is a transatlantic propagandist.

Kai Kupferschmidt has written defaming articles about Treefinder in Science magazine:



His articles are superficial and inaccurate and biased and very bad journalism. Science magazine has removed at least some of the lies when I promised to sue them, otherwise. Unfortunately, the lies had already been copied and spread in the internet by other bad journalists in the meantime. I have already commented on that here:


Kupferschmidt's vita explains everything:


As he was awarded a McCloy Fellowship in Journalism - by the American Council on Germany - he must be linked with the transatlantic networks, the USA's propaganda machinery:





Alexander Lerchl is a known lobbyist and a condemned slanderer.

For his lobbyism, see Google. And see this verdict:


According to his CV, Alexander Lerchl has had a fellowship of the NATO scientific advisory board, so he must too be linked with the transatlantic networks:


His university, Jacobs University in Bremen, is strongly linked with the Bertelsmann foundation, which is the most influential neoliberal think tank in Germany:



They vehemently promote globalization, and they always praise the alleged benefits of migration, e.g. with pseudo-research like this:



And with campaigns like this:


Unfortunately, German mass media always cite their propaganda.

Alexander Lerchl was the first commentator on the Retraction Watch website, when they wrote about the retraction of the Treefinder paper, and the first commentator is often the most influential in a discussion:


Retraction Watch did not let me respond to that on their website, so they are part of the plot. Lerchl seems to post there quite often.

Neoliberalism is a pest! We must not let billionaires rule over us!

Sandra Baldauf has solely foreigners in her research group.

And she is a foreigner herself at the place she works. See her website:


Quite a many research groups nowadays consist of foreigners. The science system has become an instrument to promote globalization while whatever research has become irrelevant. Science makes people speak English and move to foreign places, makes them neglect their respective native language and home country. Science serves to erode all national identities and expatriate everyone, destroy what is important to most of us - the intent behind is making humanity more controllable and more profitable, more American. Such science does more damage than it does good.

Besides, doing research without the participation of native researchers - and possibly in a foreign language - is disrespectful towards the hosting nation!

To be continued ...